Four and Nine - a couple of numbers

  • 4th (the date of my birth)
  • 9th (the date I started my working life)
  • 10th (the date I finished my working life. Oops! - only one day out)
  • 9 - 4 = 5 (my lucky number - apparently)
  • 38 (the number of the house I grew up in)
  • Add 1 to each digit of 38 = 49
  • 49 (the number of the first property I bought)
  • 4 + 9 = 13
  • 113 (the number of the second property I bought)
  • 9 (the number of the house my parents bought after they moved from number 38)
  • 9 (the number of the house in which I currently live)
  • 9 (the number of the house in which my brother previously lived)
  • 4 (the number of the house in which my brother currently lives)
  • 49 (the address of my dentist)
  • 49 (the address of my window cleaner)

Spooky. OK, maybe not.




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